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Things I didn’t resolve to do but did anyway

In 2015…

  1. I crocheted 10 kitchen scrubbies
  2. I met my financial savings targets
  3. I made it a priority to learn how to play again. My younger sibling definitely benefits from my world building skills when we pretend the apocalypse occurred and zombies are after us!
  4. I didn’t go on a single date. Instead I focused on important things like watching Hannibal and learning I could eat an entire pizza by myself. Take that Adam Richman! I also traveled to Richmond, VA by myself and had a grand time.

Sometimes letting life just happen brings its own rewards! Still, I feel like like making a list of things you want to get done, and breaking it down into manageable steps is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Bucket lists, resolutions, yearly goals…I honestly don’t care if your completion rate is 100% or zero.

Whenever I’m having a stressful day I write a list of to do’s for myself. Most often it’s just the everyday minutia of life. Heck yeah I got the dishes washed! I talked to the internet company and got my bill reduced! I got eight hours of sleep last night! Such an an adult, you go self 🙂

If I’m worrying, overwhelmed, bored…lists bring the satisfaction turning chaos into a semblance of order. Plus I like checking things off. AND they can be a physical reminder of success on days when I’m feeling down.

Bigger lists help me bring into focus how I want to be as a person too. I get serious. I make spreadsheets. Without them I would merrily turn into a complete hermit–actively planning how to reach out to people and setting goals for trying new activities is the best way I’ve found to combat feeling isolated.


Monster* in the night


Left to my ‘druthers, I’d end up living like a hermit , eating frozen pizza everyday and talking to my cat.  Come to think of it, I still do all those things…

BUT. I also (occasionally) step outside my daily routine, and check things off my bucket list, like going to a monster truck rally! It was so cool–I’m not really into cars, racing, or extreme sports, but a few years ago there was an episode of House where a truck wheel comes flying through the crowd and barely misses the main characters. You could say that piqued my interest!

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Grave Digger and the rest of the crew.

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This little car was actually my favorite. It’s powered by a jet engine! It spits flame! It’s tremendously loud!

A lot of times I waffle before doing something new, but as these two badass ladies demonstrated, age shouldn’t be the factor holding you back and if you’ve got some free time, use it wisely 🙂