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What it says on the tin!

Riding High


Needed a hex key, or Allen wrench to adjust the seat on my bike to the correct height here.

Didn’t know the name of the tool used to adjust the height of the bike seat so I literally showed this picture to a neighbor, a random cashier at the store, and a coworker in order to identify it. Then I remembered to ask my dad, which definitely would have cut down on that whole process.

I’m not really a bike person.  Which is to say, I don’t know much about them. In the past I intermittently scoped out Craigslist and did my best to read up on different kinds of bikes because I eventually wanted to get one, but it kind of left me paralyzed in terms of decision making. I even had a nightmare about riding a shoddy bike on a rough patch of road where I got a punctured tire and catapulted into a pile of mud.

Naturally, I now own a couple sets of hex keys, a helmet, and the second hand bicycle I walked by the weekend before last.

Sometimes pushing an idea through to fruition  despite being not quite ready does a body good. While I highly recommend doing your research in order to optimize your chances for success, forcing a decision in order to create some forward momentum in your life can lead to interesting results…I started this blog! I have short hair! I’ve been to Canada!

I also accidentally re-attached the front wheel of my bike backwards because I didn’t know what a shift brake was. Never fear, 50 yards down the road I realized something was off kilter–and Google and I old friends. Figured that one out 😉

This is actually me practicing letting go of my desire for some unspecified level of preparedness prior to taking on new opportunities.

Not that I intend to dive blindly into impulse driven shopping sprees–the goal is to hone my cost-benefit analyses skills. I’ll spare you the spreadsheet I made that lists the pros and cons of this particular adventure, but I’m proud that I’ve already gone on a five mile bike ride and made it back home in one piece!



“I’d looooooove to work YOU out. You’re so flexible.”

This wasn’t an anonymous one-liner on an online dating profile.

It wasn’t a bunch of guys yelling at me at me from a moving vehicle while I was jogging.

This was a bit of, shall we say, ‘creative marketing’ that a male personal trainer at my gym greeted me with as I checked in for a group class the other day. To be honest, I was discombobulated and laughed it off at first. Twenty minutes later, I was still bothered and uncomfortable by the guy’s demeanor and wording so I took the time to tell the floor manager about it. It was fine–the manager apologized and said they’d speak to the guy about it. Over and done with in my mind.

But psyching myself up to say something about it was just as uncomfortable as having him talk to me that way initially. I think it’s worth emphasizing that it’s okay to sit on things until you feel comfortable making a statement. That can mean a lot of different things–like talking to a person in charge, giving feedback in a survey, making a call, or seeking assistance from emergency personnel.

It’s also disconcerting to realize that just in writing this post I had to go back through and delete a lot of qualifiers, such as how personal trainers need to be personable and friendly, or how that guy was pretty young. I’m incrementally learning how to advocate for myself across a continuum of social situations, and part of that includes learning not to minimize my own instincts.

It boils down to being professional and respecting women as people–and it’s really not hard to do. You know what I wish he’d said to me?

I see you here all the time. What are your fitness goals?


So, I rolled in for Zumba with a shirt I grabbed this morning–nice color but I never wear it.


I am a sausage personified, and dancing starts in T-10 minutes. Rebel Wilson, you are my spirit animal. Let’s do this thing!