Monthly Archives: November 2015

Fix it: quick and dirty shoe-in

That was a bad pun ya’ll. I fixed my house slippers. Have you ever noticed the way slippers are sold in whole sizes, or as a small/medium/large? Why is that? My feet are ‘Large’ but my large is a US 10.5, and in the slipper world Large equals a size 10. Cue sad face.

That’s all to say that I have one magical pair of slippers that fit and are comfy, and I refuse to let them go anytime soon. The rubber soles have been cracking and shedding all over the house, so I ripped those suckers off.


When I went to trace the outline of shoe onto the new sole, I realized I don’t actually have tailor’s chalk, which would be a crying shame except..


I found a way to make do.


Next go round I’ll try a sturdier material, but sewing two layers of felt together did the trick for now. I doodled around on the sewing machine to create traction on the soles, and then super glued it all together. Pro-tip: keep an eye on the proximity between glue and the carpet. Nothing happened! Don’t panic! Just an FYI. Ahem.