Frugal Find: Headphones

For about a month my earphones have been hanging on by a thread. Well, one cord because only one earbud works.  Since they still function to a degree I’ve been keeping them in use and salivating over this colorful pair:

Product Details

Skullcandy headphones

Maybe I’ll still get them at some point, but while I was de-stashing my craft room I actually found a pair of headphones! And dang, the bass sounds good 🙂

I’d like to get to the point where I’ve sorted through and trimmed down every room in the house–that’s a pretty big goal so I’m tackling one stack at a time for now. For my craft room, the end game is  to make better use of the space I have and be able to display some of my vintage feather weight sewing machines. Plus, there’s fabric and materials that have been hanging around in excess of five years.  “I might…make something out of/use/need that later!”  That’s my eternal cry, but being able to donate craft and sewing supplies to The Scrap Exchange makes the process less fraught. Finding things I forgot I had is even better!


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