Singer: Leather machine belt

Leather machine belt

Leather machine belt

Kind of looks like a goat chewed on it, right?

After a bit of google-fu, I have determined that the belt on my Singer would be fairly easy to replace. Essentially, it’s a four sided cord that can be purchased in lengths of 25 feet and cut down to size. The finicky bits would involve punching a hole in either end and clamping with what looks like an industrial strength staple into it so that a continuous loop is threaded through the wheels.

Today was not the day I replaced the leather belt.

photo 1 (15)

Oh yeah. I went there.

photo 2 (13)

Worked like a charm. But then I noticed the leather was pretty dry and flaking little pieces of leather/dust onto my work space 😦

photo 2 (14)

So I broke out some elbow grease and saddle soap and went to town. Bonus: had a little extra time and now my shoes look great too.

If feels a bit sacrilegious to be honest, like taping up an antique book cover instead of getting  a plastic protector (BTW NEVER GONNA DO THAT). But I’m satisfied that the materials to update it correctly are easily accessible, and that can be a project for a future to-do list.


2 responses to “Singer: Leather machine belt

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  2. You have to love when the material used as machine parts is actually fixable. Good luck with being a machine mechanic:)

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