Southern Belle Plans Weekly Menu

I just had such an intense brain fart that I had to google ‘little green balls vegetable’ to figure out that yes, I do plan to make Brussels Sprouts as a part of this week’s menu. That pretty much shows you how long they’ve been iced over in my freezer.

It’s cool! I’ve got this whole thing under control. Totally. In an effort to trim my grocery spending and food waste, I’ve been cooking to the beat of regularly scheduled drum. And it drums on Sundays.

Because if I don’t grocery shop, prep, and cook things on Sundays, it doesn’t really get done. Then I end up letting produce go bad, eating out, or eating pancakes and in general being inefficient and bad to my budget. At my best, I can cook enough mains and sides to keep things varied during the week, and if I get tired of all my options by Friday, splurging for pizza won’t break the bank.

Speaking of pizza, I made an awesome one yesterday from ready made dough from Trader Joe’s. I shopped my pantry and came up with canned chicken, home-canned banana peppers, cheese and ranch dressing. It was far more delicious than it had any right to be. Unfortunately, those leftovers are long gone so here’s the plan:

  • I have dried Lima beans and carrots=soup
  • I have ground corn=cheesy corn grits
  • High time to use the aforementioned Brussels Sprouts=Brussels Sprouts
  • Use that random box of potato latka  mix
    • BTW, plain yogurt with dill and garlic salt makes a great dip for just about everything
  • That just leaves buying fresh fruits and veggies for breakfast smoothies and snacks.

I think I’m all set!


3 responses to “Southern Belle Plans Weekly Menu

  1. goalsandbudgets

    Your meal planning habits sound a lot like mine. I usually cook a big batch on Sunday and then another on Thursday. I, too, hate washing dishes so this works for me. It also saves so much time. Home made pizza is definitely a life saver =)

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