The Laziest Quiche Ever

Some weeks I just can’t adult.

This became very clear yesterday when I realized it was only halfway through the week and I’d already made burritos in excess of four times. I love good food—I just don’t care for making it, or cleaning up after cooking! I don’t see that changing anytime soon, but I do recognize the need to eat something other than beans and cheese occasionally.

Quiche seemed like a good choice. It’s got the benefit of including vegetables, the comfort of pastry and cheese, and the protein of eggs. Apparently some people follow recipes for this kind of thing, but that seemed like too much effort. So did actually chopping things up.


I literally pulled out a frozen pie shell and a pair of clean scissors and cut things directly into the shell. First some mini peppers, then a layer of spinach. Then I tossed in some frozen corn that I had laying around, piled on the cheese, and salted everything down. Then all I had to do was crack a few eggs in, smoosh it all around and hey presto!  Once it was cooked it looked (and tasted surprisingly) like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine.

I need to find ways to maximize effort saving tactics while cooking regular food. One cannot live on burritos and pancakes alone, much as I try.


2 responses to “The Laziest Quiche Ever

  1. Quiche is magical! You can do just about anything to it and it still comes out lovely…salmon and tomato quiche, anyone?

  2. I showed this to Benjamin and he thought it was really spaghetti too!

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