Whorld domination

I'm obsessed.9_2014

I’m obsessed.

It’s a lot like pizza in a way–even badly made yarn is knit-able, which means it’s good yarn. Instant gratification.

This is a good thing because I’m definitely a novice at using a drop spindle. Earlier this week I finished spinning a bunch of blended silk and merino wool roving that I got at Yarns, etc.  I could barely wait for it to dry after the final rinse to help the fibers bind together, so I literally brought the skein to work with me and sat it on my lap so it would dry faster!

Then I wound it all up and it became my stress ball for the day.

Yarn ball

Yarn, beautiful yaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn

Now I’m knitting it all up into a pair of finger-less gloves in preparation for the coming winter. Which thankfully isn’t here yet, so I started working on the gloves while sitting in the middle of a rose garden, lucky me!

Chapel Hill Community park rose garden_9.26.14

Beautiful surroundings while I continued crafting.

While the gloves are being completed I still want to practice spinning…so I went to the store and came back with a MASSIVE bag of wool. So, to fund my growing hobby, I’m selling what I make!

Next on my to-do list: whorld domination, otherwise known as plying.


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