A rogue wiener appears

I’d originally come for the beer and beautiful fall flowers, because I’m classy like that. But this weekend I saw so many wieners.

photo 3 (3) - Copy

I’ve never seen that many unchecked wieners in one place before. Apparently it’s even an annual thing now because I got to see the second annual Wiener Dog Race at Oktoberfest

photo 2 (2) - Copy

Wieners on their way!

There were so many little wieners running around they had to hold multiple rounds for the puppy category. Then came the junior’s category and then the race for Mature Weenies. Ahem. Wieners.

photo 1 (2)

The winning Wiener!

Altogether a lovely event, and a fine time was had by all! Definitely being added to the list of Things To Do on a semi-regular basis. And while we’re at it, here are a few more I’d like to go to at some point!

The International Rutabaga Curl  –  Learn to curl, and in the process toss a gross tasting vegetable as far away from yourself as possible.

Tacolandia  –  Where there are new and interesting  tacos every three feet or so to try.

Carolina FiberFest  –  What it says on the tin! Maybe I can pick up some more spindles here.


One response to “A rogue wiener appears

  1. A wiener dog race? So funny! Even I’d go to that(having intended to see the flowers…!

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