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Pierre, the holiday cheer octopus

Xmas 2013 Pierre the tree topper

I’d forgotten all about this little guy!

Decorating the tree is a super-fun tradition in my family. All of the kids have their own box of ornaments collected over the years through personal creation, or (most often) from Mom, who has a deep and abiding love of finding neat little things and gifting them to folks.

In addition to our own personal collections of ornaments, the sisters (younger, me, and older) each have an angel topper while younger brother has a nutcracker. None were to be found this year 😦

The tree was left looking a little sad and empty up top, so I decided to make a topper to fill in for the time being, and this was the result. Mom claimed possession of him since she didn’t previously have her own. Only a mother could love such a face, right?!



So, I rolled in for Zumba with a shirt I grabbed this morning–nice color but I never wear it.


I am a sausage personified, and dancing starts in T-10 minutes. Rebel Wilson, you are my spirit animal. Let’s do this thing!



Midnight musings, aka I really love pancakes


It’s the middle of the night, I have work in just a few hours, and I haven’t been able to fall asleep 😥

When I can’t sleep I run through a variety of options…wait it out, meditate, read a little, try again. Tonight, no dice. But earlier in the day I did get some new running shoes (YAY) and thought I’d cruise through some fitness/wellness blogs to get pumped up.

All the perky messages about 4am runs and how happy chia seeds make people started to get to me, so I’m going to write about pancakes instead.

Reasons I love pancakes:

1. Super easy to make. Even easier with box mix batter

2. The vast majority of fruits and/or berries are pancake friendly

3. Pancakes have the comfort of carbs, plus the decadence of desert if done properly

4. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside

5. Few dishes needed: skillet, spatula (can also substitute fork if skilled with flipping), plate (if using fork).

6. Stack-able for maximum appeal on the plate

7. Pack-able, for lunch and/or dinner on the go

8. Share-able, for making breakfast for large groups of people

The most recent batch of pancakes I made was truly lovely. I mixed up my batter, sliced in a peach, and sprinkled in a fair amount of what’s labeled as ‘pumpkin spice’ when you pick up a bottle at the grocery store. It tasted like fall and reminded me of summer.