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Monster* in the night


Left to my ‘druthers, I’d end up living like a hermit , eating frozen pizza everyday and talking to my cat.  Come to think of it, I still do all those things…

BUT. I also (occasionally) step outside my daily routine, and check things off my bucket list, like going to a monster truck rally! It was so cool–I’m not really into cars, racing, or extreme sports, but a few years ago there was an episode of House where a truck wheel comes flying through the crowd and barely misses the main characters. You could say that piqued my interest!

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Grave Digger and the rest of the crew.

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This little car was actually my favorite. It’s powered by a jet engine! It spits flame! It’s tremendously loud!

A lot of times I waffle before doing something new, but as these two badass ladies demonstrated, age shouldn’t be the factor holding you back and if you’ve got some free time, use it wisely 🙂