I’ve got ninety-nine…

…things that I need to remember to be thankful for. When upheaval strikes, it’s hard not to hunker down and go into survival mode. That usually involves eating peanut butter straight out of the jar, copious amounts of tea, and a phone call to various and sundry family members. And some Disney movies.

Then I paste on my stiff upper lip, move on, and get down to business.

It’s a tried and true process that works pretty darn well, but at this point I’m trying to cultivate a state of thankfulness that acts as deterrent to all those ‘the sky is falling’ type thoughts. Writing lists of things to be thankful for sounded boring and pointless (what do you do with them afterwords? Make a paper airplane?) so I’m embroidering them instead.

It’s an abbreviated form of meditation created in movement—as long as my thread doesn’t snarl at any rate.  We’ll see how long it takes to fill my hoop with thankfulness 🙂

My thankfulness project

My thankfulness project


One response to “I’ve got ninety-nine…

  1. Awwww. You are something else. I love you, your words and your manner and way of handling what life throws at you!

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